Article number 6ES7155-6AU01-0BN0 6ES7155-6AU02-0BN0
SIMATIC ET 200SP, PROFINET interface module IM 155-6PN Standard, max. 32 I/O modules, and 16 ET 200AL modules, single hot swap, incl. server module (6ES7193-6PA00-0AA0) SIMATIC ET 200SP, PROFINET interface module IM 155-6 PN ST, max. 32 I/O modules, and 16 ET 200AL modules, multi hot swap, optional PN strain relief, PN security class 1 incl. server module (6ES7193-6PA00-0AA0)
General information
Product type designation IM 155-6 PN ST
HW functional status From FS03
Firmware version V4.2 V6.1
● FW update possible Yes
Vendor identification (VendorID) 002AH
Device identifier (DeviceID) 0313H
Manufacturer ID according to ODVA (VendorID) 04E3H
Device ID according to ODVA (Product code) 0FA2H
Product function
● I&M data Yes; I&M0 to I&M3 Yes; I&M0 to I&M4
● Module swapping during operation (hot swapping) Yes; Single hot swapping Yes; Multi-hot swapping
● Isochronous mode No
Engineering with
● STEP 7 TIA Portal configurable/integrated from version V14 V18
● STEP 7 configurable/integrated from version V5.5 SP4 V5.7 SP2 HF1
● PROFINET from GSD version/GSD revision GSDML V2.35 GSDML V2.43
Configuration control
via dataset Yes
Supply voltage
Rated value (DC) 24 V
permissible range, lower limit (DC) 19.2 V
permissible range, upper limit (DC) 28.8 V
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Short-circuit protection Yes
Mains buffering
● Mains/voltage failure stored energy time 10 ms
Input current
Current consumption (rated value) 450 mA 350 mA
Current consumption, max. 550 mA 450 mA
Inrush current, max. 3.7 A 1 A
I²t 0.09 A²·s 0.05 A²·s
Power loss
Power loss, typ. 1.9 W 1.8 W
Address area
Address space per module
● Address space per module, max. 256 byte; For input and output data respectively 288 byte; For input and output data respectively
Address space per station
● Address space per station, max. 512 byte 1 440 byte
Hardware configuration
● Quantity of operable ET 200SP modules, max. 32
● Quantity of operable ET 200AL modules, max. 16
● Number of submodules per station, max. 256
Number of PROFINET interfaces 1; 2 ports (switch)
1. Interface
Interface types
● RJ 45 (Ethernet) Yes Yes; with BusAdapter
● Number of ports 2 2; with BusAdapter
● integrated switch Yes
● BusAdapter (PROFINET) Yes; BA 2x RJ45, BA 2x FC, BA 2x M12
● PROFINET IO Device Yes
● Open IE communication Yes
● Media redundancy Yes; PROFINET MRP Yes; PROFINET MRP client
— IRT Yes; 250 µs to 4 ms in 125 µs frame
— PROFIenergy Yes
— Prioritized startup Yes
— Shared device Yes
— Number of IO Controllers with shared device, max. 2 4
Interface types
RJ 45 (Ethernet)
● Transmission procedure PROFINET with 100 Mbit/s full duplex (100BASE-TX)
● 100 Mbps Yes
● Autonegotiation Yes
● Autocrossing Yes
Modbus TCP No
Redundancy mode
● PROFINET system redundancy (S2) No
Media redundancy
— MRP Yes
Open IE communication
● TCP/IP Yes
● SNMP Yes
● LLDP Yes
Interrupts/diagnostics/status information
Status indicator Yes
Alarms Yes
Diagnostics function Yes
Diagnostics indication LED
● RUN LED Yes; green LED
● ERROR LED Yes; red LED
● MAINT LED Yes; Yellow LED
● Monitoring of the supply voltage (PWR-LED) Yes; green PWR LED
● Connection display LINK TX/RX Yes; 2x green link LEDs on BusAdapter
Potential separation
between backplane bus and electronics No
between PROFINET and all other circuits Yes; 1500 V AC (type test)
between supply and all other circuits No
Permissible potential difference
between different circuits Safety extra low voltage SELV
Isolation tested with 707 V DC (type test)
Standards, approvals, certificates
Network loading class 2 3
product functions / security / header
PROFINET Security Class 1
signed firmware update Yes
safely removing data Yes
data integrity Yes
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature during operation
● horizontal installation, min. -30 °C; No condensation
● horizontal installation, max. 60 °C
● vertical installation, min. -30 °C; No condensation
● vertical installation, max. 50 °C
Altitude during operation relating to sea level
● Installation altitude above sea level, max. 5 000 m; Restrictions for installation altitudes > 2 000 m, see manual 5 000 m; restrictions for installation altitudes > 2 000 m, see ET 200SP system manual
connection method
● via BU/BA Send Yes; + 16 ET 200AL modules
Strain relief Yes; Optional
Width 50 mm
Height 117 mm
Depth 74 mm
Weight, approx. 147 g; without BusAdapter 120 g; without BusAdapter
last modified: 4/10/2024