Siemens Industry Mall help

Product Search Field

Would you like to find products using keywords or certain criteria? Simply use the information that you already know – even from previous searches. The search field provides a simple solution for this. It is located on the right in the upper page navigation. It is labeled Product Search.



Product Search

The search box offers the possibility to carry out a product search in the main navigation toolbar. Enter a part number, the stem of the part number (for example, 6ES7),or a product (eg Simatic).

  • Click in the search box to make your entry.
  • To start the search, click on the Product Search button or the Enter key on your keyboard. Your results will be displayed



Search History

Whilst typing your search term proposals will be made in order to help you search for your desired product. See below for the search history of your recent searches.

If you search for any word, simply click on it or use the arrow keys on your keyboard and then press Enter.








Simple product search

Search Results

Search Results

The search result displays the description of the products and prices. By clicking on the part number or the product image you will be taken to the catalogue and can obtain further details as well as access to documents such as data sheets and certificates.


Details of the price and the availability of each product are available with one click.


After entering the desired quantity you can return the item by clicking on the shopping cart icon to add to your shopping cart.


By using the result filter on the right hand side, you can limit the search results for a  more comprehensive list, for example, select specific product categories. When you hover your mouse over the categories a Go to Catalogue link appears that will take you to the respective catalogue area with lots of other information.