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Product Catalogue – everything at a glance

You need information on a product, ordering data, or important details. We have stored all available information on a product for you in the product catalogue.


Access to the Product Catalogue

You can reach the product catalog using various means of navigation.

  • Regardless of what page you’re on, you’ll find the Catalogue icon on the central menu bar. Icon Catalog
  • You reach the product tree via Product Catalogue on the sidebar at the left. It will guide you to the desired product.
  • To help you in your search, you can sort the product tree according to your needs. Click on the arrow next to the Product Catalogue. Select your preferred sort. The classification systems eClass and ETIM are available.
  • You can also use the Breadcrumb Navigation. This shows you the way came to arrive at the current page and allows you to navigate your way back.
  • Use the search field in the upper page navigation. In the displayed results, select the desired product and click the product ID



Product Tree

The Product Tree is found on the left side of the Industry Mall. It is categorized by subject. Within these areas are subcategories. Through all the layers of the product tree you can navigate to specific product groups, systems or products. In general:

  • The + symbol means that you can expand  a further sublevel.
  • The - symbol closes a level again.
  • When you see the > symbol, you have reached the lowest level.
  • To hide the Product Tree, click Minimize Minimieren



Information on Product Groups

At every level of the product tree, you are provided with information on the respective product group.

  • Simply click on the appropriate name.
  • The product information will then be displayed to the right next to the product tree.


Ordering Data

To display ordering data, you must be at the lowest level of the category. This means that the > symbol appears next to the product name.

  • Click the appropriate product name.
  • A product list will then be displayed to the right next to the product tree. .
  • Depending on the Product Group you also have the choice of Accessories and Configurators.
  • Click on the part number or the associated image to view more properties of individual products Product details.



More Information

With the displayed catalogue data, you can: compare products, get CAX data or export as an Excel list with just a few clicks.


Product Comparison

Within the search results, the list of products in the catalogue and the Shopping Cart you can compare products:

  • Place a tick in the checkbox of the selected item.
  • Click Compare on the search results menu bar
  • The results are then displayed in a new window.


Export Results

  • Click More… on the search results menu bar
  • Select either Selected rows or All rows
  • If you choose Selected rows, put a tick in the checkbox of the desired item.


CAX Data

CAX Data – An Online Generator which provides fast and various CAX data such as product master data, 2-D dimensional drawings, 3-D models, wiring diagrams, data sheets, certificates, product images, etc. This feature is available in the catalogue, in the search function and in your shopping cart available.

  • Select your desired products.
  • In the menu select CAx Data.
  • You will be taken through a process to select the desired information.
  • The result of the data generator is a zip file, which you can download.



The link box on the right hand side gives you additional product information, support, such as the contact details of your local representative. Here all the links are combined, leading to further pages with regard to this product. You will find manuals, documentation and contact details, including information about services and training offerings.




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