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Product Details, Price and Availability

Product Details

You can reach the product details by selecting individual items from the catalogue or search results. Here you will find all available information about your selected product.


With one click data sheets and certificates are offered for download. Please click on the product image to open the gallery which features products in different sizes and resolutions.


On the right side under the shopping cart symbol, products , which are often purchased together with the selected materials, are shown.


Further down the view is divided into two areas:

  • Under Product Data you can find additional useful information such as: Commodity codes, discount details, weights, country of origin, product classifications, etc.
  • In Further Product Information manuals and instructions for downloading are available in order to assist you.  



Price Information

The prices are in € (Euro), ex works, exclusive packaging.

The sales tax (value added tax) is not included in the prices. It shall be debited separately at the respective rate according to the applicable legal regulations.

To balance fluctuating commodity prices (e.g. silver, copper, aluminum, lead, gold, dysprosium and/or neodymium), daily surcharges will be determined for products that contain such commodities based on the metal factor of the respective product. A surcharge for the respective commodity will be added to the price of a Contract Product that contains such commodity if the basic official price for this commodity is exceeded.

The metal factor of the respective Contract Product determines the following: for which commodity a surcharge will be added to the price of a Contract Product, as of which official price, and the calculation method used. The metal factor, provided it is relevant, can be found in the respective product description. An exact explanation of the metal factor, the respective commodities and the calculation method used can be found on the “Exhibit Metal surcharges”. The surcharge for commodities (except for dysprosium and neodymium) will be calculated on the basis of the official price on the day prior to receipt of the order or calloff.

The surcharge for dysprosium and neodymium (“Rare Earth”) will be calculated on the basis of the respective three-month average quotation from the previous quarter before receipt of your order or calloff with a one-month time buffer. (Details can be found in the “Exhibit Metal surcharges”).

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. We will debit the prices valid at the time of delivery.


Product Availability

To find out if your product is available, place a tick in the checkbox of the desired part. Click Check Availability on the toolbar. An icon will appear with the current availability status:

Icon Available Available

Available according to standard delivery time



More on Availability see also availability of items.













Product availability