Siemens Industry Mall help

Check availability of products

You want to know straight away if your order can be delivered on your requested date. You can find the answer with just one click!


Selecting products for checking

Checking individual products

Select the checkbox of the corresponding product. On the cart's function bar, click Check Availability.


Check all products in the cart

Without selecting a product, click Check Availability.

Depending on the amount of requested products, the process may take some time.



The results of the check are indicated in the cart's Availability column by means of symbols.

Icon Available Product available

A green square with a tick indicates that stock is available or additional stock is scheduled.

Product likely available

A yellow square with a tick indicates that the selected product is not available in stock. However, according to the regular delivery time, the product will likely be available for delivery on your requested date.

Product not available on requested date

A yellow triangle with an exclamation mark will appear, which means that the selected product, in the requested quantity is most unlikely to be delivered on the selected requested date.


Please note that this information is not binding. It only refers to the availability of products at that moment in time.


Options for unavailable parts

Place your mouse pointer on the yellow triangle. A detailed description of the delivery status will appear. Depending on the configuration, up to four different options are offered. You can then decide how you would like to proceed with your order.

  • Bundled: We will wait until all products are available and then deliver the entire cart to you. The delivery date will be indicated.
  • On request: You specify a new delivery date for this product.
  • As soon as possible: We will deliver the product immediately as soon as it is available. All other available products from your cart will be delivered in advance.
  • Separately: You specify the earliest possible delivery date for each individual product.