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Miniature circuit breaker 400 V 6kA, 3-pole, B, 16A
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Numéro d’article 5SL6316-6
Description d'article Miniature circuit breaker 400 V 6kA, 3-pole, B, 16A
Product family Appareils de base
Product Lifecycle (PLM) PM300:Active Product
Price data
PG 11A
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Supplément Matière Première Nullement
l_caption_rohcode L-O-----
Informations Livraison
Caractéristiques d'exportation AL : N / ECCN : N
Délai de livraison standard 2 Jour/Jours
Poids Net par quantité 0,368 kg
Product Dimensions (W x L X H) Indisponible.
Packaging Dimension 58,00 x 94,00 x 84,00
Package size unit of measure MM
Quantité 1 Pc
Quantité par emballage 1
Additional Product Information
EAN 4001869388861
UPC Indisponible.
N° d'Export 85362010
Liste de caratères (LKZ) LV10.1
Groupe de produit 3802
Group Code P310
Pays d'origine Turquie
Compliance with the substance restrictions according to RoHS directive RoHS compliant depuis: 01.10.2006
Product class B: limited or only medium-term re-useability
Directive environnementale DEEE : Oui
REACH Art. 33 Duty to inform according to the current list of candidates

Information obligation imposed by Article 33, REACH Regulation: This product includes one or several articles in which the following substance of the candidate list is contained in concentrations higher than 0,1% weight by weight (w/w):


Based on the information currently available, we assume that these substances do not pose any risk if the articles are used as intended (including disposal). Please also refer to product documentation.

Version Classification
eClass 6 27-14-19-01
eClass 7.1 27-14-19-01
eClass 8 27-14-19-01
eClass 9 27-14-19-01
eClass 9.1 27-14-19-01
ETIM 4 EC000042
ETIM 5 EC000042
ETIM 6 EC000042
ETIM 7 EC000042
UNSPSC 14 39-12-16-01
UNSPSC 15 39-12-16-03