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Master Data Request

You want to quickly and easily request product master data about a specific product range? The master data request offers exactly this. You can choose from various standard downloads in a variety of output formats.

  • Move the cursor in the central menu bar onto the Service icon Service Icon. A selction appears.
  • Click on Master Data Request. This opens a new screen with a query bar.


If you cannot use this function as a customer, it may be that the function is not enabled for your region. If you have an interest in using this feature, please contact your local sales representative.



Steps in the Master Data Request

Once you select the master data request, you can specify all the individual options.

Query Type

What kind of download do you need?

  • Master Data Request: for complete product details.
  • Download Discounts for CA01: Issues a zipped TXT file that can be imported into CA01.


From which source do you want to run your query from?

  • Already ordered products: Products you have ordered in the last 12 months or during a specific period.
  • Current active Shopping Cart: Based on the active Shopping Cart.
  • Articles with a CAN: All products are selected that have a customer part number assigned to them by you.
  • Catalogue ID: Simply select the appropriate catalogue in which the desired items are grouped.
  • Products with specific Price Group.
  • File Upload: Upload a locally stored file in XLS or CSV format with Siemens part numbers. The part numbers need to be arranged in single lines.

File Types

Which format would you like to receive the file in? As an option, the following formats are available:

  • Excel,
  • CSV.

Data Fields

Which information do you need?

  • In the menu bar, click on the Select fields button. This opens a list of data fields.
  • Select the desired elements and confirm your personal list.



Using Request Download will send us your request. Please be patient - we will notify you by e-mail once your data is available.



Master Data Download

The requested data is available to download for 90 days. In order to download your data:

  • Choose the Service icon Service Icon from the central menu bar and click on Request Master Data
  • On the right you will find the link to the Download Area. Your files are stored here.



Contents of the download file

The download files contains the following 3 files:

  1. The F1-File is the master data for your selected products.
  2. The F2-File contains comments on defective products, such as the successor for expired products.
  3. The F3-File contains the desired master data for follow-on products that are listed in the F2 file.  


Master data request



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