Siemens Industry Mall help

Uploading Your Own Files to the Cart

You have the possibility to upload orders in your own file format in SiePortal using ERP2Mall.


ERP2Mall is a process for the conversion of customer specific order information. As a customer, you can create either your ERP system order or an order file and manually transfer it to us by e-mail or uploading it to SiePortal.


An individual profile is created for you and the incoming order is processed and converted internally.


For your individual requirements, contact us directly. Your contacts can be found under Contact > eBusiness.



If a so-called ERP2Mall "Level1" connection has been implemented, i.e. if the upload feature has been configured for your own ordering format, you can upload your own files for ordering.



Defined by subject and / or sender in your e-mail you will be identified as a customer and the conversion process is used. Depending on the settings, your order data will be immediately processed or directed to  shopping cart input.