Siemens Industry Mall help


The cart is a key feature of the Siemens Industry Mall. It serves as a repository for your chosen products and offers options for saving, forwarding, or ordering.


Overview of topics:

  • Shopping Cart
    Brief introduction of the key functions of the Shopping Cart.


  • Voucher Codes
    Short introduction to conditions / voucher codes.


  • Adding products to the Cart
    The most important step for ordering: How to place all desired products in your cart and list them clearly.



  • Delivery dates
    In addition to the standard delivery date, you can indicate a requested date. If needed, you can arrange for express delivery.





  • Saving your cart locally
    You can save an existing cart on your computer, edit it offline, and use it again at any time for an order.





  • Placing an Order
    In just a few steps, your order is completed and on its way to us.





Shopping Cart:

Guide Shopping cart
Order Process: